Monday, August 13, 2007

Did you take Calculus in 7th grade?

In this article from 2006 it reports that Dell is hiring 10,000 new workers in India. My friend Rohit, born in India, informed me he took Calculus in the 7th grade and when he immigrated to the United States much of the work was alot easier for him than previously. This is a problem America. Because of technology and the Internet, it now allows the rest of the world we had previous been ignoring to now compete with American workers. I am not going to discuss the argument of outsourcing (that’s another blog), but India, in general, is ahead of our education system. Especially in the areas of science and technology and companies are taking notice. Wages have a major part of these decisions but the level of the education is too. This should be an awakening moment for us to motivate our kids even more to excel in school and make them realize they are not only competing against local kids but with the kids in the picture above located half way around the world. (i.e. English is an official language in India)

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